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For our 2021 Recruitment Drive, APYD is looking for volunteers to contribute to our launch strategy as part of the Administration & Finance, Communications, Digital Events, Regional Hubs and Publications teams. 

If you are 18-35 years old, based in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands and passionate about youth leadership and engagement, cultural diplomacy and Australia-Pacific regional issues, apply for our opportunities available below by clicking the roles. 

Volunteering with APYD offers outstanding leadership opportunities for young professionals and students with a strong interest in Australia-Pacific engagement, cultural diplomacy and regional issues.

Applications are now closed for recruitment part 1. Stay tuned for new opportunities later this year! 


Future vacancies will be listed here


What documents are to be included in the application?

Please follow the steps below in applying for any position:


  • Click the role you wish to apply for listed under ‘Vacant Positions’

  • Read through the selection criteria in the PDF and key responsibilities of the role

Submit your CV and Cover Letter (and any additional documents required depending on the role listed at the bottom of the PDF) to, addressing the Deputy CEO, Thanh Nguyen

Is prior experience required?

Our positions will not entail responsibilities that are too onerous. However, prior relevant industry experience will still be useful to the role. We still strongly encourage you to apply for the position even if you have no prior industry experience. However, we note that you must be able to commit to the role for at least 12 months.


For you to make an informed decision as to your suitability for the role, please refer to the job description PDFs, which set out in detail the key responsibilities of our current vacant positions.

Are any of your positions paid?

All staff members of APYD, including senior executive staff, are working on a voluntary basis at the moment. As much as we would like to remunerate everyone for their time and contribution, at this stage, this is financially infeasible as finances are currently directed to our organisational functions and operations.


We have plans to fundraise for and diversify the income streams of APYD in the future. This, hopefully, will place APYD in a solid position to reimburse our volunteers for expenses incurred where reasonable (eg: when you need to make travel arrangements to attend a compulsory meeting, conference or event). 

I am not located in Australia, if I am selected how will I work with the team?

With the disruption caused by the pandemic, APYD is currently limited to solely online/digital modes of operation. Our team meetings are carried out entirely online and the majority of our communications are via virtual means.


Also, our team is made up of individuals who currently live in different cities and countries. Please rest assured, that in joining the team, even if you are not located in Australia, you will not be disadvantaged. We will also do our best to accommodate our team members taking into account any of your personal circumstances.


APYD also encourages the participation of young people located outside Australia in our future events and activities, among which many will take place online.

If I am interested but not from Oceania or located therein, can I still apply?

Our positions are reserved for citizens or residents of the Oceania (Australia-New Zealand-Pacific Islands) region only. This means that to be eligible, you either have to come from an Oceanian country or reside in the region.


However, there are different ways you can engage with APYD. At the moment, as part of our launch, we are seeking submissions from young people aged 18-35 years old across Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. 


Shortlisted submissions will be published in APYD’s flagship online anthology and all submissions that are of high quality and meet our criteria will be featured on our forthcoming online blog.


Further future opportunities will be advertised on our website and social media, so please make sure you follow us to stay up-to-date on these opportunities.

What activities/events will be organised by APYD in 2021?

In 2021, we are holding our official organisation launch which consists of two parts.


Part I of the launch involves our first anthology under the following theme: 'fostering connection, empowerment, and opportunity for young people in Australia and the Pacific.' Our call for submissions is now open and more details on how you can contribute to this anthology can be found here:


Part II of our launch will bring to you an introductory digital event based on our upcoming anthology theme catered towards prospective members from Australia and the Pacific Islands. More information on Part II of the launch will soon be available on our website and social media, so make sure to follow us so you do not miss out on the opportunity to get involved.