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APYD Launch Anthology: Raising Our Voices

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

How can we support youth empowerment and amplify young voices in Australia and the Pacific across issues that matter to them? Can we bridge the intergenerational gap by addressing new problems in our region with traditional ideas and strategies? What can we do about critical policy issues affecting our region, such as climate change, sustainability, and technology? What does the future of security and diplomacy look like for Australia and the Pacific, and how can we protect our sovereignty?

The Australia-Pacific Youth Dialogue is delighted to release our inaugural anthology for the official launch of our organisation.

The anthology raises the voices of 10 young people across our region and tackles these big questions. In so doing, it fosters important conversations about the issues that affect our region, and how we can work to solve them.

Download your copy of the anthology below to read more!

APYD Anthology: Raising our voices
Download PDF • 27.19MB


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