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APYD will be establishing multiple localized platforms for in-country initiatives and events, related to issues that matter most to young people across the region.


Our Hubs will provide a focal point for youth across the Oceania region to build connections, learn from each other and engage in debates and discussions on issues that inspire, challenge and relate to their futures. 


By establishing Hubs in multiple locations, APYD acknowledges that relationships and perspectives across the Oceania region are many and varied. 

We are proud to be providing a platform for these diverse perspectives.

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What does a Regional Hub do?

Hubs will be a key facilitator in building and nurturing a robust relationship between young people in Oceania to encourage youth engagement in regional issues. Here’s how we plan to go about this: 

  • Professional networking events 

  • Guest speaker discussions 

  • Workshop and skills development classes

  • Excursions

  • Cultural immersion and exchange events

  • Debating and diplomacy mockups

  • Informal events    

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Where will Regional Hubs be located?

Across 2021 - mid 2022, APYD will be focused on establishing Regional Hubs in cities in Australia and Papua New Guinea, with an additional two Hubs established in the region thereafter.

Our Hubs are established where interest is concentrated.  

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I’m interested in getting involved, how can I engage?

1. Become a Regional Hub volunteer

For individuals located in Australia or PNG eager to play a proactive role in strengthening the Australia-Pacific relationship, this is a great opportunity to network with youth across the region and add valuable professional experience. 


2. Request a Regional Hub in your region

While our Hubs are focused on Australia and PNG in our first 12 months, we are always planning for the future. If you or a group of young people would like to see APYD establish a Hub in your country, please contact us at

3. Attend Regional Hub digital or in-person events

We are very excited to be bringing youth across the region the opportunity to engage in digital and in-person events. If you’d like to be kept up to date with future Hub news and events, please send an email to us at

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I’m interested in supporting a Regional Hub, how can I assist?

APYD recognizes that many businesses, universities, government and civil society stakeholders, partners and funders will have a vital role to play in elevating the resources we can leverage to strengthen our regional Hubs. We also recognize the unique value APYD’s Regional Hubs play in providing a platform for ideas and networks to form.

We welcome interested entities to reach out to us to discuss where our missions align and where we can go forward together.


Please email us at