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the Humanities job guide project

The APYD Job Guide is a comprehensive guide for Australian university students in the humanities and arts fields. The guide provides valuable insights into the Australian humanities job market and offers useful career tips from graduates employed in a range of sectors.

The guide is designed to assist current and prospective humanities  students in planning their degree, gaining relevant industry experience and preparing for job applications once they graduate.

Image by Bram Naus

APYD is proud to provide the 2022 Australian Job Guide for free thanks to the work of our team of volunteers. 

If you found the Guide useful, please consider sharing it with others. You can also find us on social media to stay connected and find out about other resources.

About the Guide

The Guide is comprised of four parts:

Part 1
Introduction to Potential Career Paths and the Job Market

Part 2
Preparing for Job Opportunities with a Humanities Degree

Part 3
Samples of Successful Resumes, Cover Letters and Applications by Humanities Graduates


Part 4
Useful Advice from Humanities Graduates

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